Off The Kerb Trail Riding was born from our Motorcycle Training School.

As instructors we were getting a little bored of road riding (understandable when we spend 8-hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week on a motorcycle) so we were looking at new ways of getting the fun back into our biking.

A few years back we decided to get some of the instructors together & ride from London to the deserts of Morocco. During that trip we road many off road pistes & the off road bug had well & truly bitten us.

On our return we decided that at least once-a-month we would go trail riding, & it got to the point that each month (work permitting) we would really look forward to our days trail riding.

During the following years we would go to Morocco with customers & friends as well as continuing our trail rides in the UK.

Last year we were asked by a few of our students whether we would consider taking them trail riding, so we decided to start “Off The Kerb Trail Riding“.